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A New Heaven

A New Earth

A Novel By David E. Twichell

In a future Earth setting, the one-world government is collaborating with otherworldly beings to evacuate a race of human/ape hybrids facing extinction.  New Earth is a planet in the galaxy’s fourth quadrant which, cycles earlier, proved suitable for Earth’s genetic engineering experimentation.  Now, a gigantic asteroid, Laanah, is on an inescapable collision course with New Earth.

Commander Eli Bertram of the interplanetary star-craft, Ark II, along with Lieutenant Abe Shunt and his trusted, diminutive gray Duplicant, Freddy, race to evacuate selected specimens before tragedy strikes.  Unbeknownst to them, a particularly evil Reptilian, Gurange, has other plans for the mission’s fate.

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Infinity Publishing.com.  © 2003  ISBN # 0-7414-1756-1

    How will humankind react when full disclosure of the alien presence in our world is finally released?  Why has official secrecy been perpetuated for so many years?  Is the UFO phenomenon a modern myth or have they always been with us?  What are the credentials of those who insist “we are not alone in the universe”?
    These and many other provocative questions are addressed in “The Global Implications of the UFO Reality.”
Chilling scientific evidence demonstrates the urgency for full disclosure – NOW!  On that historic day, there is no element of the human experience that will remain unaffected.
Read Excerpt:
    The lesson learned from The War of the Worlds radio broadcast was still fresh in the minds of many.  No one was about to fall victim to the ridicule that surely awaited them should they buy into this flying saucer business.  They were able to stand back and watch the results of those solid citizens who reported their sightings as honestly as they possibly could.  The reward for their honesty was to lose their reputable standing in their community, their jobs, families and, should they persist, their lives.
    Meanwhile, the Air Force built a facade in the guise of an honest effort to get to the bottom of this new craze, while cautioning the public to use logic and common sense.
    No one seemed to realize that logic dictated that the highly trained, well-seasoned, high-ranking officers of the 509th certainly should have been able to tell the difference between a weather balloon and a flying disk.  Logic should have raised questions as to their inability to distinguish adhesive tape with a floral design from indecipherable symbols engraved in wood.  In retrospect, if the amazing properties reported in the foil and I-beams were experimental prototypes, they seemed to have perfected them back in 1947.  Why then aren’t they in use today?  Where does logic go when the stakes involve abandoning inherent dogma?
    At the time, the 509th was the only base in America that housed our nuclear arsenal.  If such incompetence abounded among the personnel charged with its care, it would have clearly been a matter of national security.
    The policy of secrecy concerning such a paradigm-shattering revelation would have been understandable in 1947.  Had a committee been instituted to access the problem and devise a method to “break it to us gently” within a reasonable amount of time, their original cover-up policy could have easily been forgiven.  56 years (as of this writing) cannot be justified as a reasonable amount of time.
    A 1960 report by the Brookings Institute, "Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs", was presented to the 82nd Congress on April 18, 1961.  The report concluded that profound social consequences would result if ET contact were confirmed.  In part, it concluded:
    “Anthropological files contain many examples of societies, sure of their place in the universe, which have disintegrated when they had to associate with previously unfamiliar societies espousing different ideas and different life ways.  Others, that survive such an experience, usually did so by paying the price of changes in values and attitudes and behavior.”
“It has been speculated that, of all groups, scientists and engineers might be the most devastated by the discovery of relatively superior creatures since these professions are most clearly associated with the mastery of nature rather than the understanding and expression of man.  Advanced understanding of nature might soon vitiate all our theories at the very least.”
    Likewise, an internal RAND document from 1968 predicted similar results.  Worldwide panic was at the top of both of their lists.  With this, it would seem that the powers-that-be had their answer and no further confirmation was necessary.  Their “deny and ridicule” policy remained in place.
    Today the general population has not only personally witnessed sufficient evidence in the area of anomalous aerial phenomena, but they realize that millions of credible witnesses worldwide could not all be delusional or liars.
In 1999, a Roper Poll was conducted and published by The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS).  It proved to be a real eye-opener concerning the general public’s attitude toward the subject – specifically in the area of panic concerns.
    When asked, “If you personally believed an announcement that an advanced extraterrestrial life-form had been discovered, to what extent would it change your lifestyle?” 69.51% felt that they could handle the news just fine.
    The question was asked again in a slightly different form:  “If undeniable evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life were confirmed, psychologically, how would you react?”  A resounding 79.63%, to varying degrees, felt they could handle the news just fine.  Only 15.62% felt they would be “seriously shaken” and a mere 4.31% would be “extremely distraught.”
    The most curious (if not ironic) finding was that, among the majority of those polled who felt they would have no problem accepting this revelation, 86.15% of them felt that, to varying degrees, the rest of the world would panic.  Put another way, “I could handle the news but nobody else could!”
    The most baffling statistic is the 15.41% of those polled, whom, in the face of undeniable evidence “would not believe it anyway!”  It would appear that these are the followers of Dr. Edward Condon who headed the U.S. Air Force’s study of unidentified flying objects from1966 - 1969.  The brilliant Dr. Condon concluded his project with this “not-so-brilliant” statement:  “UFOs cannot exist.  Therefore, any evidence to the contrary will not be considered.”  I like to refer to these folks as “the voluntarily blind.”
    Admittedly, the polls are one thing and reality may well be another.  No one truly knows how he or she would react until the situation is staring them in the face.  However, when the tally of public sentiment is taken into account, it becomes glaringly obvious that the majority of the population already accepts the fact (or at least the possibility) that a more highly advanced race of beings has been and is visiting this little island Earth.  Furthermore, those same tallies indicate that a very small percentage would be panic-stricken by being confronted with official confirmation of it.
    Is it possible, then, that world governments are withholding this information to protect this small, emotionally fragile percentile?  Is it possible that world governments would withhold or disclose any information for the protection of such a small percentile?  (Or any percentile, for that matter.)  History demonstrates the improbability of this scenario.
    Once again, logic dictates that to deny the world of the most important truths in the history of humankind, the stakes must be immeasurably higher.

Book Review: Global Implications of the UFO Reality
By: Louise A. Lowry (WOTS Staff)
Book By: David E. Twichell
    Readers familiar with the original book that the author [David E. Twichell] had first put out "The UFO - Jesus Connection" will find no less intriguing his newest release called "Global Implications of the UFO Reality"As David explores many facets to the UFO explanations...dealing with the religious implications through to the official implications and the Full disclosure. Global Implications opens our eyes to the many things that have been happening right underneath our feet...could our own humanity be dying out due to the global warming and green house effect?  Also, what will the religious implications be once more information comes out into the mainstream about the UFO's and Aliens?  Could it possibly be that Pandora's Box that has been waiting for so long ago to be opened?  David has opened a lot of questions that we all have to find the answers to.  I personally have found this book on the whole very interesting and entertaining and I know all that will read it will also.--
World Of The Strange http://www.worldofthestrange.com
Para-Discussion List: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Para-Discuss/
          About the Author.
    Mr. Twichell was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1948.  He served in the US Army from 1969 until 1971.  He has been an avid student of the Bible, the UFO/abduction and psychic phenomena since his own close encounter sighting in 1962.
    He is a field investigator, newsletter editor and Public Relations Officer for Michigan MUFON.  He has written numerous articles.  This is his second book on the UFO phenomenon.  He has been a guest on numerous media shows as well as hosting his own local TV show, entitled “We Are Not Alone”.  He presently resides with his wife in Trenton, Michigan.  Most of his time is devoted to writing about and lecturing on UFOs and related phenomena.

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  Eight half hour interviews were taped for David Twichell’s local cable TV show “We Are Not Alone” at the 2003 MUFON International Symposium held in Dearborn, Michigan.  His guests included; Stanton Friedman, Leah Haley, Neil Freer, Bruce Maccabee, Dr. Richard Thornes, Sunny (alien experiencer), Jim Hickman and Linda Moulton Howe.  
    Now you can own all four hours worth of interviews with the experts in DVD format.  
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David E. Twichell

Infinity Publishing Co. (2001)

    The ancient astronaut and Biblical UFO hypotheses are not new. However, no one seems to want to take the matter to the next logical step. If Ezekiel’s "wheel within a wheel" and Moses’ "pillar of fire and cloud" were forerunners of today’s UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the brilliant cloud to which Jesus ascended must be treated in the same vein.
    When Biblical descriptions of anomalous aerial phenomena are overlaid on that of modern-day UFO reports, the picture seems to meld as one. Once the evidence has been presented, the reader is led to a conclusion that is at best convincing and at least though provoking.
Are you willing to risk having your worldview shaken?


    "I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets.  I feel that we need to have a top level, coordinated program to scientifically collect and analyze data from all over the earth concerning any type of encounter, and to determine how best to interface with these visitors in a friendly fashion.
    "There have been too many unexplained examples of UFO sightings around this earth for us to rule out the possibilities that some form of life exists out there beyond our own world.
    "I know other astronauts share my feelings and we know the government is sitting on hard evidence of UFOs!”
    Astronaut Gordon Cooper: 1985

    George A. Filer retired as a Major in the U.S. Air Force.  He is the Eastern Director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), and a member of the Disclosure Project, which is a coalition of military and government insiders dedicated to exposing the secret that UFOs are real.
    David E. Twichell is a field Investigator for MUFON in Michigan. He hosts his own local cable TV show entitled “We Are Not Alone.”  This is his third book on the UFO phenomenon.
    Both authors have had their own personal, close encounter UFO sighting.




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